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This is a list of Jon Glover's publications:

'Poetry and Politics'', Poetry Nation No. 3, 1973

'Resolution and Fugue’, a review of Tenebrae in Poetry Review, 68:4 January 1979): 48-50

‘The Poet in Plato's Cave, a theme in the work of Geoffrey Hill’ Poetry Review, 69:3 (March 1980): 60-64.

'The Voice in the Peaceable Kingdom: The Poetry of Jon Silkin' Bananas No. 20, 1980

'The Critic as Poet' The Poetry Review Vol 69 No.4, June 1980

'Owen and Barbusse and Fitzwater Wray' Stand. Vol 21. No. 2.

'Whose Owen' Stand, Vol 22 No. 3

'On Marjorie Perloff and Jeffrey Wainwright' P.N. Review No. 24

'Jeffrey Wainwright' Dictionary of Literary Biography: British Poets since World War II.

The Grass’s Time, (poems) Northern House, 1970

The Wall and the Candle, (poems) Northern House, 1982

Our Photographs (poems) Carcanet, 1986

The Penguin Book of 1st World War Prose, co-editor (with Jon Silkin) 1989 (Viking 1989, Penguin 1990)*

Entries on Sidney Keyes, Alun Lewis, G.S. Fraser for The Cambridge Guide to English Literature

To the Niagara Frontier: poems new and selected, Carcanet, 1994

‘Things divided, things beyond: Jon Silkin’s recent poem sequences’, The Poet’s Voice, Bath & Salzburg, Dec 1995;

(review) D Kerr, Wilfred Owen’s Voices, OUP in Notes and Queries, Vol 41 No 4 1994;

(review) P Hoover (ed.) Postmodern American Poetry, Norton, in Notes and Queries, vol 42 No 4 1995;

(article) ‘Free verse; verse free’. In Jon Silkin, The Life of Metrical and Free Verse in Twentieth Century Poetry, Macmillan, 1997;

(review article) on Pybus, McGuckian, Fontana, Longley, Tomlinson, Kazantsis, Piercy, Dove and books ed. Schiff and Vendler, Stand vol 38 no 1, 1996;

(review article) on poetry by Romer, Quinn, O’Donoghue, Wainwright, Stand new vol 1 no 3 Sept. 1999;

Obituaries for Jon Silkin The Guardian Dec. 1997, PN Review 1998

Obituary for Ken Smith The Guardian 3rd July 2003

Entry to the New Dictionary of National Biography on Jon Silkin (Oxford University Press 2004;

Editor: Jon Silkin Making a Republic, Carcanet / Northern House 2002 (poems)

Editorial on Geoffrey Hill Stand Magazine volume 3 number 4 / volume 4 number 1 2002

(review article) ‘Leeds Poets: A Select Review’, Stand, Leeds Poets Special Issue volume 5, number 2, 2003

Editorial on Ken Smith (with John Whale) Stand Magazine, volume 6 number 1, 2005.

Editorial on Peter Redgrove Stand Magazine volume 6 number 2, 2005

Editorial on Geoffrey Hill (with John Whale) Stand Magazine volume 6 number 4 / volume 7 number 1 2006

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (poems) Carcanet, Sept. 2008

Co-Editor, Northern House Poets (with Jon Silkin and Jeffrey Wainwright) 1980 – 1997

Administration assistant, Stand Magazine 1964 – 2001. Director and Managing Editor Stand Magazine 2001 - present

Visit to purchase a copy of The Penguin Book of First World War Prose co-edited with Jon Silkin.

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