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Photograph of Jon Glover I am a Research Professor at the University of Bolton, looking after the University’s MA in Creative Writing, mainly helping students interested in writing poetry.

I am the Editor and Director of the magazine Stand. Having helped Jon Silkin from about 1963 I took over the Editorship after his death.

Born in Sheffield in 1943, the family moved to South London in 1947. I studied English and Philosophy at the University of Leeds from 1962 till 1968. There I met other writers including Jon Silkin, Ken Smith, Geoffrey Hill and Peter Redgrove.

I met my wife Elaine Glover there, where we were both members of the Editorial Board of the long-running magazine Poetry and Audience while Jeffrey Wainwright was the Editor. Jeffrey Wainwright’s writing has remained an important touchstone ever since.

Elaine comes from near Niagara Falls. We spent time in Upstate New York in Elmira and near Lake Ontario and these locations became important in my work. We have two daughters, Abigail and Rhiannon.

My work on Stand takes me often to Leeds School of English at the University of Leeds where the magazine is based now. I am an Honorary Fellow of the School of English.

See my list of published work to date.

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